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To use the RiCOPTER for acquisition of high-accuracy, high-resolution laser scan and image data, the UAS is equipped with the RIEGL VUX-SYS, comprising the VUX-1 LiDAR sensor, a IMU/GNSS unit, a control unit, and up to four high-resolution cameras.

The RIEGL VUX-SYS is a complete miniaturized airborne laser scanning system solution of low weight and compact size for flexible use in UAS/UAV/RPAS, helicopter, gyrocopter and ultra-light aircraft installations. The system consists of the RIEGL VUX-1 airborne laser scanner, an IMU/GNSS system, a control unit and up to 4 optional cameras.

The excellent measurement performance of the VUX-1 in combination with a precise fiber optic gyroscope and GPS/GLONASS receiver results in survey grade measurement accuracy.

Dedicated interfaces enable full control as well as system status feedback for low bandwidth radio links in UAS/UAV/RPAS systems. Additionally, the control unit contains interfaces for triggering up to four digital cameras. Precise time stamps of the camera\'s release events are stored in the raw scan data stream enabling subsequent combination of point cloud data and imagery.

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The new, fully integrated, accurate, and compact RIEGLVMZ Hybrid Mobile Laser Mapping System enables combined static and kinematic data acquisition using a single RIEGL VZ-400, VZ-1000 or VZ-2000 laser scanner – resulting in lower mobilization costs and a high return on investment.

Flexible setup, easy mouting, and a user-friendly workflow mobilize your RIEGL 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner for applications like mapping of transportation infrastructure, city modeling, mine surveying, bulk measurements, etc.

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Ultra Long Range Laser Scanning - Features & Benefits


The new high speed, high resolution terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner VZ-6000 offers an extremely long measurement range of more than 6000 m for topographic (static) applications. Being the Laser Class 3B companion to the VZ-4000, it is, due to its laser wavelength, exceptionally well suited for measuring snowy and icy terrain in glacier mapping and monitoring applications in mountainous regions.

The RIEGL VZ-6000 is compatible with the well-proven RIEGL software package RiSCAN PRO for terrestrial laser scanning, RIEGL\'s interface library RiVLiB, as well as the workflow-optimizing software packages RiMONITOR and RiMINING. The software plugin RiMTA-3D provides automatic assignment of the correct MTA zones in multiple time around processing.

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ProMark 800

Multi-frequency & multi-constellation GNSS receiver

The ProMark 800 rover and rover/base system, with its 120 channels, offers L1/L2/L5 GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO field-proven technologies for surveying and geodesy. This is a powerful RTK survey solution delivering precise GNSS positioning in a smart, rugged, cable-free and flexible design.

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High speed Mobile Laser Scanning System for 3D data acquisition from moving platforms, two RIEGLVQ-450 laser scanners integrated

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SL600 GNSS Receiver

All in one, on the pole GNSS Receiver

Satlab SL600 is built on a LINUX based operating system which controls all hardware and communications for an error free and easy to support solution. Just listen to Satlab SL600, it\'s voice prompts will advise you of any issues together with a solution. It always remembers what it has performed before. Once you set up its operating parameters, forget about setting up again. Power up the receiver and its is ready to measure! 

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Industrial Design 

Weatherproof housing ensures trouble free operation in any conditions in the field. Sun readable and sensitive screen makes it easy to select even very tiny objects in the software interface.

Completely Wireless

WiFi,Bluetooth and 3G makes SL55 Comletely wireless to connect any media or device. Collect your data ant connect to server simultaneously and seamlessly.

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Introducing the powerful Spectra Precision® FOCUS® 30 Total Station. This fully robotic motorized solution provides improved speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. A robotic instrument moves the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole, improving the quality of your work.

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MicroStation GeoGraphics
Premier mapping, data collection, editing, cleanup and analysis / read more /

SL-800 new GNSS Receiver with 555 Chanels

Rugged and Compact, Network RTK 

The SL800 is a compact, lightweight and intelligent GNSS RTK Receiver. Powered by the multi-constellation, triple frequency Novatel OEM 729 board, 4.0 standard dual-mode long-range Bluetooth and NFC module, \'Data Collector Internet\' and SatLab Cloud Services support, make this a convenient and efficient receiver for the network age.
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